Other Services that Fast Fix Tucson offer. More than jewelry and watch repairs, FAST-FIX offers a variety of engraving services and gifts.

Bring It and We’ll Fix It

More than just America’s Jewelry Repair Professionals visit FAST-FIX Tucson for additional services that include custom engraving, engraved gifts, eyeglass repair, medic alert jewelry, and custom jewelry repair.

Custom Engraving & Engraved Gifts

Want to have a special gift engraved with a personalized message? FAST-FIX offers a variety of engraved gifts items. Or we can custom engrave your jewelry, plaques, medals and other keepsakes. Custom engraving and etching are provided on a variety of materials including metal, glass and acrylics.

Eyeglass Repairs

Is the hinge on your eyeglasses stretched out? Missing a screw on your eyeglasses? Or did the hinge on your eyeglass frame completely break off? We can repair a wide variety of eyeglass types while you wait. Eyeglass repair services are not available in CT, NV and SC.

Medical Alert Bracelets & Jewelry

Need a diabetic medical alert bracelet or medical allergy bracelet? FAST-FIX Tucson offers a wide variety of fashionable and stylish men’s, woman’s and child’s medical ID bracelets and jewelry. Custom engraving is available for both gold and stainless steel medical alert bracelets.

Custom Jewelry Repair

In addition to fine jewelry and time pieces, FAST-FIX JEWELRY AND WATCH REPAIRS can also fix and refurbish your fashion jewelry and vintage custom jewelry.

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