May 12, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-177386571Factors to Consider for Restringing Pearls

Pearls are classic jewelry pieces that never go out of style. With the proper care, you can pass your pearls on for generations. If you have a pearl necklace or a bracelet that needs to be restrung, be sure to consider the following before taking a trip to the jewelry store:

The Amount of Pearls You Have

You should count the amount of pearls you need to be restrung before you leave your house. Count them again in front of the clerk at the jewelry store to make sure you made it from your house with all of your pearls. You might want to make a note of the amount of pearls on your receipt so you can be sure you get them all back when the repair is complete.

Knotted vs. Unknotted

If your pearl necklace is knotted, it will look shorter after it is restrung. The weight of the pearls stretches out the string over time, which makes the necklace longer. As long as you take your necklace to a reputable jewelry store, you should get it back with tight knots that make the necklace look shorter. If your necklace is unknotted, you can ask them to knot it as they restring it to increase its aesthetic appeal.

The Condition of the Necklace

It is always better to bring your pearls in to be restrung before they break. If you notice that your necklace is starting to look a little rough around the edges, you might want to bring it to your local jewelry store to see if restringing it will restore its original aesthetic appeal.

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