A Look at the Jewelry Repair Services Available at Fast Fix Tucson

June 5, 2014

Your Tucson jewelry store can help you make the most out of your jewelry collection. Small breaks and lost stones should not prevent you from wearing the pieces that you love so much. Keep reading to find out how Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs in Tucson can repair your broken pieces so you can continue to wear them.

Ring Sizing

Finger sizes can change over the course of a lifetime. If your finger is bigger or smaller than it once was, we can help. Our ring sizing and re-sizing experts will determine your new ring size and reform the ring so it fits you perfectly. No matter your ring size, we can form the ring to your finger.

Precious Stone Replacement

Missing gemstones can severely decrease the value of a piece of jewelry. Whether your stone has already fallen out or if it is just loose in the setting, bring it in for our experts to work their magic. We can replace the missing stones in any kind of setting to restore the original aesthetic appeal of your jewelry. We can even incorporate loose stones into the mounting of your choosing.

Jewelry Mounting and Prong Re-tipping

If your stones are loose, your jewelry might require special attention and prong re-tipping to keep them from falling out completely. We will thoroughly look over the jewelry, the mountings, and the prongs, to determine the problem and find the best solution to keep your jewelry in top condition.

At Tucson’s Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs, we want to give you every opportunity to extend the life of your jewelry. From rings to watches, we offer repair services that fix issues and improve the integrity of your pieces. Call (520) 696-0403 to talk to the staff at our Tucson Mall location or (520) 514-9292 to talk to our Park Place location.

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