Avoiding Common Causes of Watch Damage

December 23, 2016

There are many ways you can damage your watch, but some of these ways can be easily avoided. Dropping your watch or winding it incorrectly are sure ways to cause watch damage. Let’s take a closer look at some ways to avoid watch damage and the need for costly watch repairs.

Avoid Banging Your Watch

Though it may seem simple to keep your watch from dropping or banging on walls, it can be difficult to remember. As you become accustomed to a watch on your wrist, you may forget it is there and bang it on walls and tables as you walk around corners. When you take off or put on your watch, avoid dropping it at all costs. These innocent bangs can cause significant damage, such as a cracked face or loose parts.

Store Your Watch Correctly

Storing your watch correctly is very important to keeping it in good shape. Incorrectly stored watches may be subject to dust collection and accidental damages. If you take your watch from extreme temperatures, you may also cause damage. When your watch transfers from one temperature to the next, it can expand, contract, and move in incorrect ways. Ensure your watch is being stored correctly, in room temperature, to avoid costly watch repairs.

Wind Your Watch Correctly

It may be easy to wind your watch on your wrist, but this is a big mistake. The watch and your hand is in the improper position to wind, which could lead to a loosened crown or an overwound watch. Remove your watch from your wrist before winding it; you will save yourself the stress from a common watch repair.

Avoid Magnetic Fields

Introducing your watch to a magnetic field, even unknowingly, can severely damage it. Avoid letting your watch come into contact with electronic devices, such as radios, tablets, and cell phones.

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