Caring for a Luxury Watch

May 5, 2014

When you own a luxury watch, the right care can extend its life and help you make the most of your investment. Pay attention to the unique needs of your timepiece so that it will remain an integral part of your wardrobe for many years to come. Use this guide to find the best way to care for your watch.

Take It In for Professional Repairs

Every few years, you should take your watch in to the repair shop to ensure that everything is working properly. The experts know what to look for when examining the watch and they can instantly spot an issue if there is one. This also gives them an opportunity to fix the problem and return your watch to its original condition.

Clean It Properly

It is important to clean your watch, but it is even more important to do it properly. You should only slightly dampen a soft, clean cloth and use it to wipe off the metal parts of your timepiece. If there is leather on your watch, you should not get it wet. You can also use a small brush and soapy water to clean diamond and glass features.

Be Careful Where You Wear It

The way that you wear the watch can affect how long it lasts. Avoid wearing the timepiece when you are playing sports so you do not get any unnecessary damage. If your watch is not designed to be near water, you should also remove it when you swim or go boating. Use caution when wearing the watch in extreme temperatures.

With the help of Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs in Tucson, you can maintain the aesthetic appeal and top quality of your luxury watch. With two convenient jewelry store locations in the Tucson and the Park Mall, you can always get the repair services that you need. For more information on our watch repairs, visit us online or call (520) 514-9292.

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