Caring for Precious Stones

July 5, 2014

Precious stones are often the most stunning and eye-catching aspects of a piece of fine jewelry. If you care for them properly, you can keep your jewelry collection looking as good as new. Use the following tips to maintain your precious stones:

Find the Proper Way to Clean Your Stone

Different kinds of stones require different care. The best way to clean your stones is to find out the specific cleaning needs for the type you have. Diamonds are extremely durable, which means you can use ammonia and water to get them clean. Emeralds, however, need to be cleaned in water at room temperature. If you are not sure how to clean your stone, you might want to take it to the jewelry store for some professional advice.

Be Careful with Toiletries

Perfume, sunscreen, and lotion can cloud your stone and ruin its aesthetic appeal. Use caution when applying these products near your jewelry to avoid these issues. These products can dirty the stone and damage the metal of the setting. You might want to take off your jewelry before you apply lotions and perfume to prevent them from affecting your beautiful pieces.

Take them In for Professional Repairs

If you notice that your stones seem loose or scratched, it is important to take them to the jewelry store for repair. If you do not give the stones the attention they need, the problem will continue to get worse until they completely fall out of the jewelry. The repair professionals can clean and fix your jewelry to get it back in top condition.

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