Caring for Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

April 20, 2015

175781344Taking care of your engagement ring and your wedding band is the best way to keep these important pieces of jewelry looking their best for the longest amount of time. Use this guide to figure out what to do to make sure that your rings maintain their original appeal.

Get Them Insured

Insuring your rings helps you make a plan in case of an unexpected situation. Call your renters’ or homeowner’s insurance company and add the ring to your policy as soon as you get it. Make a note of the ring’s description as well as features like the cut, carat weight, and material so you can give the insurance company the information they need to properly ensure the pieces. You should also read through the policy so you understand what it covers and how to make a claim if you ever need to make one.

Keep Them Clean

Regularly cleaning your engagement and wedding rings will keep them sparkling like they did when you first got them. You can place the rings into a bowl of warm water and dishwashing liquid. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub the setting and the stone. Try to put on lotions and perfumes before you put on your ring so you do not cloud the stone.

Get Them Repaired

If you notice any issues with the stones or the settings on your rings, it is important to take them in for repair. Jewelry repair services can fix the issue before you lose part of the ring. The jewelry experts can easily return to the ring to its original condition.

Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs can help you keep your engagement ring and your wedding band looking great. We offer repair services that help you keep your jewelry in its original condition. We can also fix watches and buy unwanted gold. To learn more about our services, call the Tucson Mall at (520) 696-0403 or the Park Place Mall at (520) 514-9292.

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