Caring for Your Gold Jewelry

July 15, 2016

ThinkstockPhotos-460358575Having gold jewelry is a sign of class and sophistication, but only if it is well-kept. Though gold jewelry does not require complicated cleaning and maintenance—which can be found at your Tucson jewelry store—you should be aware of a few key tips to keep your jewelry looking brand new.

Keep Jewelry Away from Hazardous Chemicals

When washing your hands, cleaning the house, or playing sports, you should always remove your gold jewelry. All of these physical tasks can be damaging to jewelry of any kind, but soft gold jewelry may be even more susceptible to damage. The best way to keep your jewelry in good condition is to be aware of what you are exposing it to. If you keep your jewelry on when you come in contact with harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, hairsprays, or acetone, you could be causing significant damage.

Use Professional-Grade Polishers

There are many jewelry cleansers and polishers available, but many may contain harmful or ineffective chemicals. Consult with a local jeweler about the proper solutions, tools, and techniques to use when cleaning your gold jewelry. For example, you should regularly polish your jewelry with a professional polishing cloth. Other cloths may cause scratches or leave harmful residue on your gold jewelry.

Inspect Jewelry for Defects or Damages

Hopefully, you love your jewelry so much that you look at it often, or you receive compliments because you have such beautiful pieces. When looking at your jewelry, keep a close eye out for possible damages. These might include scratches, grooves, or defects in the settings. Noticing these potential problems may prevent greater damage or gemstone loss later on. With professional cleanings, your jewelry will also be inspected and repaired by a professional for your convenience.

Whether you are looking for gold care advice, or wishing to sell some gold pieces, come down to Fast Fix at one of our two Tucson locations. Call us at the Tucson Mall at (520) 696-0403, or our Park Place Mall location at (520) 514-9292 to learn more about our jewelry services.


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