Cleaning and Caring for Your Pearl Jewelry

April 5, 2014

With the proper maintenance, your pearl jewelry will be a part of your collection for decades. Use the following tips to properly clean and care for your pearls so that they will always maintain their aesthetic appeal.

Put on Your Makeup Before Your Pearls

Applying makeup and perfume while you are wearing your pearls leaves them more susceptible to dirt and grime. If you put on your makeup and spritz yourself with your favorite scent before you put on the pearls, however, you can keep them cleaner for longer periods of time.

Wipe Them Off

Whenever you take off your pearl jewelry, you should use a lint-free cloth to wipe off the stones. Whether the cloth is dry or wet, this regular cleaning habit can keep your stones looking like you just picked them up at the jewelry store even after years of use.

Use Soap and Water

If your pearls are starting to lose some of their luster, it might be time for a deeper cleaning. Mix a gentle soap with some water solution and apply it to the surface of the stone. Once you are done cleaning, wipe them off with a dry, clean cloth. You should never use cleaners with ammonia or other harsh ingredients or you could damage your pearls.

Bring Them In to Get Restrung

If you are missing any stones or need to restring your jewelry, it is important to get it done before any larger issues occur. Bring in your jewelry to the local repair store to get the help you need to maintain the original appeal of your jewelry.

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