Cleaning, Storing, and Handling Diamond Rings

September 11, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-111912121A diamond ring can be a beautiful expression of your timeless love for your partner. When you purchase a diamond wedding or engagement ring from the jewelry store, it is important to treat your investment with the utmost care. By taking the time to properly clean, store, and handle your diamond rings, you can ensure that your precious jewelry lasts for many generations to come. To help you care for your diamond rings, here is a look at the proper cleaning, storing, and handling of this type of jewelry.


When you first bring your diamond ring home from the jewelry store, your diamonds will have an eye-catching sparkle. If you have noticed that your diamonds have become dirty or clouded over time, it may be necessary to clean your rings. One of the safest and most effective methods for cleaning diamond jewelry is to soak the piece in vodka. After the diamond ring has been soaked, it can be gently rinsed and dried with a microfiber cloth.


To preserve the quality and condition of your diamonds, it is a good idea to handle your jewelry with caution. For example, you should always grasp your ring by the band, rather than the stone itself. When you are cleaning with chemicals, it is a good idea to remove any diamond rings from your fingers.


When you are not wearing your diamond rings, you will want to store your jewelry properly. Ideally, you should save the soft jewelry box that was provided by the jewelry store. The fabric inside the box will protect and preserve your diamonds.

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