Common Eyeglass Repairs

March 5, 2015

You rely on your eyeglasses every day to provide crisp, clear vision. However, accidents can happen and eyeglasses do break from time to time. Keep reading to learn more about the most common eyeglass repairs and what to do if you need to repair broken eyeglasses in Tucson.

Broken Frames

The frames hold your lenses in place, allowing you to see clearly whenever you wear your glasses. Both accidents and wear and tear can cause the frames to break in any location, allowing the lens to fall out of your eyeglasses. If this occurs, your eyeglass repair service will use a binding material to restore the integrity of the frames so they can hold your lens once more. The repaired area will also be refinished so it blends in perfectly with your frames.

Stripped or Missing Screws

Eyeglass frames contain small screws as part of the hinges connecting the temples to the front of the frames. These screws can fall out or become stripped over time, affecting the integrity or usability of the frames. Whether you are missing the screw necessary to hold your eyeglass frames together or the screw or the barrel of the hinge has become stripped, your eyeglass repair specialist can easily solve this problem.

Damaged or Lost Nose Pad

Some eyeglasses incorporate a set of nose pads to support the glasses on the bridge of your nose. If one of these nose pads breaks or becomes lost, you’ll have trouble wearing your glasses comfortably. Broken or lost nose pads can be easily repaired or simply replaced to restore the functionality of your eyeglasses.

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