Custom Engraving Is an Art Form

March 20, 2014

A piece of jewelry as a gift is a wonderful gesture. Whether it’s an engagement ring for two people who are newly in love or a necklace for a companion of 30 years, jewelry is always a great idea for a gift. But the truth is, without custom engraving, a ring is just a ring, and a necklace is just a necklace.

Today more than ever people are catching on to the idea of custom engraving as a form of art, but the service has actually been around for quite some time. Consider the Stanley Cup in hockey or the Heisman Trophy in football. These trophies mean so much to so many people. It’s not only the team members who are winning each trophy, it’s the coaches, and perhaps most importantly, the fans. What do these trophies have in common? Custom engraving. Both have the names of the players who won them engraved on their surfaces. In the case of the Stanley Cup, all of the players’ names are engraved beautifully into the silver and nickel alloy. Over the years, this means hundreds of names have been added to the surface.

Although you may not be winning the Stanley cup or a Heisman Trophy, consider how custom engraving as an art form can benefit you. Perhaps you want to congratulate your son or daughter on a job well done at school. Get him or her a trophy of their own, and include custom engraving so that your child can keep it and remember it for years to come.

For jewelry, custom engraving turns an average ring or bracelet into a personal gift that will warm the heart of your loved one. You can engrave on silver, gold, platinum and even on glass. There are so many gifts that can benefit from customization. Consider custom engraved jewelry for a wedding, anniversary or birthday. Are you at a loss for something to give to your sweetheart for Christmas or Valentine’s Day? Why not offer him or her a custom engraved watch so that every time they look at the time, they think of you.

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