Designing the Perfect Engagement Ring

October 9, 2015

175781344Is it time to pop the question? Before you can ask your sweetheart for her hand in marriage, you’ll need a gorgeous engagement ring to put on her finger! Check out these tips before visiting a Tucson jewelry store and designing the perfect engagement ring:

Get Advice

You may know your special someone better than anyone else, but that doesn’t mean you know her jewelry style better than anyone else! A lot of women talk to their friends, sisters, and mothers about engagement rings and what they want from their ideal ring. Start your design process by talking to your significant other’s friends and family members to see if she has shared any engagement ring-related thoughts. They might be able to offer simple hints or more elaborate details that help you create a stunning ring.

Look for Inspiration

Engagement rings are more special and meaningful than other pieces of jewelry, but they should still fit in with those other pieces. It’s important to design a ring that will work well with your girlfriend’s day-to-day style. Wait until she’s not home to sneak a peek at her jewelry collection. Take notes of the colors, shapes, and styles you see most often. You can also look to her wardrobe for style considerations. Does she prefer modern or vintage? Does she like to wear lots of color or keep it simple?

Work with a Professional

It’s best to work with a professional jeweler when designing an engagement ring. These experts have the tools and knowledge needed to create stunning new jewelry from old pieces. Fast Fix Tucson offers custom jewelry designs to help you create the perfect piece! We can use old jewelry, such as an heirloom from a family member, and transform it into something new that your special someone is sure to love.

If you’re ready to start designing the ring, contact Fast Fix Tucson today! With our services and expertise, you’ll be able to create a stunning engagement ring that you’ll be proud to present. Call us at (520) 696-0403 to learn more.


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