Famous Pieces of Cursed Jewelry

November 10, 2017

It’s always the prettiest pieces that come with a curse, but who knows if these spells really mean anything. Some allegedly cursed pieces of jewelry became famous nonetheless. One of these pieces could have even inspired a series of epic novels and movies. Read ahead for a look at some famous pieces of cursed jewelry.

The Real One Ring

If you’ve experienced the work of J.R.R. Tolkien by reading the Hobbit or watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you’re familiar with the fictional One Ring. The inspiration for this ring might have come from a Roman ring that bears an inscription around the band. The inscription on the real ring connects it to a tablet, which describes a curse on anyone named Senicianus that can only be lifted when the ring is returned by its thief. There is real evidence that suggests this ring inspired the ring from the books and motion pictures.

Delhi Purple Sapphire

Don’t worry, treasure hunters and believers in the supernatural: Cursed jewelry is still being discovered, even in modern times. The Delhi Purple Sapphire only appeared a few decades ago when a museum curator came across it, right inside the museum. So many of its previous owners have allegedly fallen into bad luck and dire situations after acquiring the jewel that it was stored with a warning that advised the finder to throw it into the sea.

The Hope Diamond

As is the story behind many cursed jewels, the Hope Diamond was allegedly stolen from a Hindu idol. The people who would come to own this diamond ultimately suffered tragic fates, from adultery and overdoses to beheadings and suicides. These instances could be coincidences, but there would be quite a lot of them.

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