Getting the Facts About Jewelry Repair

June 24, 2016

468469141When you invest in fine jewelry, it is important to take all of the steps needed to help your piece last for a lifetime. In the event that your setting falls out or a clasp breaks, there is no need to despair. A jewelry store in Tucson can provide you with jewelry repair services that will restore your fine jewels to beautiful condition. By taking your jewelry to a repair expert, you can keep all of your pieces looking great. Read on for a closer look at the facts about jewelry repair.

Jewelry Requires Maintenance

One of the most important facts to know about jewelry repair is that all of your fine jewelry requires routine maintenance in order to remain in good condition. While metals, such as gold and silver, are fairly strong, they can easily get scratched or tarnished. With routine maintenance, you can prevent blemishes on the surface of your jewelry.

Jewelry Can Be Sized Easily

When you are considering jewelry repair for your pieces, it is important to know that rings and other items can be sized easily by your jeweler. For example, by adding a small amount of gold to a ring, a jeweler can expand its size. If you have a ring that no longer fits, you may want to consider having it sized.

Some Jewels Are Heat Sensitive

While some precious stones, such as diamonds, are completely resistant to heat damage, other jewels are very sensitive to changes in temperature. For example, opals, pearls, and topaz stones can all become damaged by heat. For this reason, it is essential to schedule your repairs with a jeweler who has expertise in the careful treatment of fine jewels.

At Fast Fix Tucson, we are thrilled to provide Tucson with a complete range of high quality jewelry repairs. When you bring your watch or jewelry to us, our highly trained jewelers will restore it to perfect condition. For more information about the repair services that we have to offer you call us at the Tucson Mall (520) 696-0403 or the Park Place Mall at (520) 514-9292.


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