How Broken Jewelry Can Be Salvaged

February 24, 2017

You may feel devastated after a beloved piece of jewelry breaks. However, if you find that a necklace, ring, or other piece of jewelry has become broken or damaged, you can rest assured that a jeweler in your local area can perform the necessary repairs. In fact, even the most severe jewelry breaks can be easily mended using special tools and equipment. Read on for a look at how broken jewelry can be salvaged.

Replace Missing Clasps

Clasps are used to fasten delicate pieces, such as necklaces and bracelets. If your clasp suddenly breaks, you will want to bring your piece to a jeweler to see if it can be repaired. Your jewelry repair professional can typically replace the broken clasp with a replacement piece that matches the original material and style. You can also request that your new clasp be made more durable to prevent future breaks.

Solder Breaks in Chains or Bands

Soldering is a jewelry repair technique that should always be left to the professionals. During the soldering process, your jeweler will use high heat to fuse the broken links or bands back together. After the soldered areas have hardened, the piece will look like it is brand new.

Place Gems Back Into Settings

The loss of a precious gemstone can be a very sad experience. Whether you were able to retain the original gemstone, or in need of a new gem for your setting, your jeweler will be able to assist you. Using time tested methods, a jeweler can reset a piece and restore its original beauty.

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