How Eyeglass Repair Can Revive Retro Frames

March 24, 2017

Retro eyeglass frames have been growing in popularity. However, many new retro-style frames are very expensive and not made with the best quality of materials. You can save money, though, by having your old eyeglass frames repaired and restored to their former glory.

 You can repair heirloom frames.

If you have old glasses from your parents or grandparents, then have them repaired and cleaned instead being thrown away. By having these hand-me-down eyeglass frames professionally repaired, you can remember your passed relatives with a physical reminder every day. You can also save money by reusing original frames over purchasing expensive, retro-style frames.

You can repair thrift store finds.

In case you do not have heirloom frames in your possession, then head to Tucson’s many thrift stores to locate a great deal on retro frames. There are many different styles of clothing and accessories found in thrift stores. You can find an inexpensive pair of retro sunglasses or eyeglass frames while also searching for other great finds. Retro frames might include aviator sunglasses or cat-eye eyeglass frames with a tortoiseshell finish.

You can repair old glasses.

When doing some spring cleaning and decluttering, keep an eye out for your own glasses from years past. Whether these eyeglasses are 10 or 50 years old, they may be considered retro frames. The prescription may not be valid anymore, but you can still repair the old frames and pop in new prescription lenses. This is another inexpensive way to join in the latest eyeglass frame trends, and you can declutter your house at the same time.

Fast Fix Tucson can repair a number of items, including watches, jewelry, and eyeglass frames in Tucson, AZ. We have two locations for your convenience, so do not hesitate to give us a call. Our Tucson Mall location can be contacted at (520) 696-0403, and our Park Place Mall location can be contacted at (520) 514-9292.

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