How Loose Should Your Watch Fit?

July 20, 2014

When choosing a watch, you should pay attention to the style and size, but it is also important to ensure that it fits properly. A watch that fits well seamlessly fits into your wardrobe. Keep reading to find out how to find the perfect fit for your timepiece:

The Line Between Too Loose and Too Tight

A watch that is too loose will be annoying as you move your arm and hand. A watch that is too tight will dig into your skin, which is painful and uncomfortable. The ideal fit keeps the watch from moving around too much without leaving a mark. You might have to play around with the watch for a while until you find the perfect fit. Whether you choose loose or tight, it is important that the watch feels comfortable to you.

Wardrobe Considerations

You should also think about your wardrobe when you are trying to decide how you want your watch to fit. If you are looking for a timepiece to use with your professional attire, you probably want a tighter fit. If you want a more casual timepiece, though, you can opt for a looser fit.

Jewelry Store Adjustments

If you do need to resize the watch, you should take it to the jewelry store. A watch repair specialist might need to remove or to add some metal links to ensure that the timepiece properly fits your wrist. Talk to the jewelry store staff about the way that you want the watch to fit so he or she can make the necessary adjustments.

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