How Losing Weight Can Affect Your Ring Size

April 21, 2014

For most areas of your body, losing weight brings huge benefits. A smaller body gives you the chance to buy smaller clothes. Dropping serious pounds could also affect the size of your ring finger, however. Keep reading to learn more about what happens to your hands when you lose weight.

Fat Storage

Even your fingers store fat, which means that any fluctuation on the scale can have a huge impact on the kind of jewelry that you can wear on your hands. Any time the fat tissue in your fingers changes, you might notice that your rings fits differently. A change in ring size is not always noticeable immediately, but it is usually a sign of a change in weight.

Smaller Ring Sizes

Everyone loses weight differently so there is no real scale upon which to base how your ring size will change when you do. If you notice that your jewelry is suddenly loose on your fingers, you should pay attention to ensure that you do not lose your precious jewelry.

Jewelry Repair

Your local jewelry store can help you find a solution for your new ring size after a big weight loss. Their jewelry repair department makes it easy to resize your rings so you can keep wearing the same jewelry without worrying about it falling off. Whether you are concerned about your wedding ring or a class ring, resizing helps you shape the jewelry to your new finger size.

Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs has two convenient locations in Tucson to give you access to the repair services that you need to keep wearing the jewelry that you love. From repairs to refinishing, our jewelry experts are always here to find solutions for your problems. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (520) 696-0403.


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