How to Care for Your Wedding and Engagement Rings

August 5, 2014

 464845261Your wedding and engagement rings are some of the most important pieces of jewelry that you will ever own. With the proper care, you can ensure that these meaningful rings grace your fingers throughout the duration of your married life. Keep reading for some tips on how to maintain your wedding and engagement ring.

Get Some Insurance

Even if you take perfect care of your rings, unforeseen circumstances might affect their value. Protect your investment by insuring your rings so you are protected if something happens to them. You can add a jewelry rider to your current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy or take out an entirely separate policy to cover the rings.

Keep Them Clean

Cleaning the rings is the most important element of maintaining their original aesthetic appeal. You should take off your rings before you put on lotion, hair products, or sunscreen to prevent excessive buildup that could make them look cloudy. Create a solution of warm water and a gentle dishwashing detergent and soak the rings inside it. Use a toothbrush to scrub the stone and the setting to break up any dirt that might be trapped inside.

Take It In for Maintenance

If you notice any issues with either of your rings, you should bring them in to a jewelry store for repairs. Loose stones or prongs might eventually cause bigger problems that damage the rings. As long as you bring the rings to a reputable jewelry store when you see a problem, you can get the repair you need to keep them in top condition.

At Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs, we want to help you keep your engagement and wedding ring looking as good as new. Bring your pieces in to utilize our jewelry repair services and we will do everything we can to restore your ring’s original aesthetic appeal. Call (520) 696-0403 to learn more about our Tucson Mall location and (520) 514-9292 to talk to the staff in the Park Place location.

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