How You Should (and Shouldn’t Clean Silver)

January 26, 2018

Silver jewelry can be elegant and beautiful, but it must be kept clean and polished to maintain its true shine and beauty. Unfortunately, there are some cleaning methods out there that can do damage to your silver, even if they’re harmless for other types of jewelry. When you’re unsure how to clean any piece of jewelry—or even identify what it’s made of—it is best to just take it to a professional for a cleaning. However, it can be helpful to know some basics, like the following:

Stay Away from Homemade Cleaning Solutions
With a few exceptions, such as baking soda and vinegar, cleaning solutions made from items you find around the house are usually best left avoided. You may hear strange recommendations to polish silver with toothpaste, ketchup, or even vodka, but these solutions may be more damaging than effective, so stick to products designed specifically to clean silver. In a pinch, you can mix together vinegar and baking soda to shine dull silver pieces, but stay away from other homemade remedies.

Don’t Submerge Silver in Polish
When you polish silver, you should use a soft cotton cloth to apply the polish and wipe it completely away from the surface. If you put a piece of silver directly in the polish or fail to wipe it completely clean, you could see the silver tarnish, because overexposure can oxidize the surface of the metal.

See a Professional for Deeper Cleaning
When in doubt, simply seek the cleaning services of a local jeweler to keep your silver in good condition. Cleaning should take place about twice per year, or more for frequently worn items. To store silver between cleanings, keep it in a low-humidity environment in a dark cabinet, or wrapped in special cloth to prevent tarnishing.

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