Learn the Meaning Behind Traditional Wedding Anniversary Ideas

July 28, 2017

Your wedding anniversary is a cherished date that marks the union between yourself and your spouse. As the years progress, you will find that each anniversary date has a special symbol and meaning. With fine jewelry from a Tucson jewelry store, you can find a gorgeous piece that marks your special day. To help you pick out the right jewelry for the occasion, here is the meaning behind traditional wedding anniversaries.

Paper Anniversary

After one year of marriage, you and your loved one will celebrate your paper anniversary. The paper anniversary gets its name because a young marriage can be compared to a fresh sheet of white paper. As the years progress, you and your loved one will write your unique story on the metaphorical paper sheets of your marriage.

Wood Anniversary

A five year, or wood wedding anniversary is a special date for many couples. As you spend several years in union, your partnership will develop deep roots, such as those that stem from a mature tree. Trees also symbolize wisdom, growth, and adaptability. To celebrate your wood anniversary, you can choose fine jewelry that is combined with wooden accents.

Gold Anniversary

A gold anniversary is celebrated by couples who have been together for fifty years. After fifty years of marriage, you and your spouse will have weathered many decades of life together. The beauty and brilliance of gold is the perfect material to mark this incredibly special date. For your fiftieth wedding anniversary, you may even consider renewing your wedding vows with a custom gold band.

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