Looking Back at the History of Jewelry Wearing

May 26, 2017

Jewelry wearing has been around almost as long as humans have walked the earth. Ancient pieces were adorned with bones and shells, but soon gemstones and precious metals were used to make all types of jewelry. Take a look at the long and diverse history of jewelry wearing.

Ancient Jewelry

The earliest archaeological findings of jewelry are dated about 25,000 years ago. These early pieces of jewelry were often made from animal bones, feathers, shells, and colored pebbles. Some of the pebbles were eventually discovered to be gemstones. Ancient jewelry was often used as a trophy, such as a hunter wearing the teeth and claws of a recent kill. Early civilizations—like the Egyptians, Greeks, and African tribes—wore various types of jewelry made of different gemstones and designs. Common types of jewelry included headdresses, bracelets, and necklaces.

Functional Jewelry

As civilization evolved, many pieces of jewelry were also used for certain functions. For example, rings were often designed with a family seal, and decorated hairpins could also be used for self-defense. Modern jewelry pieces, such as pins and brooches, were created by adorning clothing clasps with designs and gemstones.

Symbolic Jewelry

Symbolism is an important element of every society, ancient and modern. Jewelry was and still is an easy way to show various signs and symbols. For example, a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand symbolizes a marriage or commitment. In ancient societies, various types of jewelry and gemstones were meant to symbolize wealth, power, religious purity, and wards against evil. Various designs and gemstones were used to symbolize these different attributes, such as Egyptians using gold and yellow gemstones for crowns and ornaments of power.

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