Measuring Your Fiancée’s Ring Size

June 12, 2015

175734056If you are getting ready to pop the question, it is important to know your intended’s ring size so you can buy the right piece of jewelry the first time. Use this guide to figure out how to measure her ring size to ensure you buy a ring that actually fits:

Go to the Jewelry Store Together

If you do not really care about the element of surprise before you propose, you and your significant other can take a trip to the jewelry store together. The jewelry experts can easily measure her finger so you know exactly what size ring you need.

Ask for Help

You can find out her ring size secretly if you do want to surprise her with a proposal. Talk to her mom, her sister, or her best friend to find out if they have talked about engagement rings. One of the people in her inner circle might already know her ring size, which makes your job much easier.

Look for an Example

If you have easy access to her jewelry box, you might want to find one of her rings and bring it to the jewelry store. The jewelry professionals can use this ring to figure out the size of her finger. If you use this method, you should be sure to grab a ring that she does not wear very often so she will not miss it.

Opt for Larger than You Think

Sometimes it is almost impossible to find sizing help without ruining the surprise. If you are going to the jewelry store without any idea of her actual finger size, try to buy something a little bigger than you think you need. It is much easier to resize a bigger ring than one that is too small.

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