Organizing Your Jewelry Collection

October 23, 2015

147268663Jewelry lets you accessorize your ensemble and show off your style. Keeping an organized jewelry collection makes it easier to find the perfect piece for each outfit. You can get organized with these jewelry tips:

Sort through Your Jewelry

It’s a good idea to sort through your jewelry collection to figure out what you have as well as what you want. Pick up each individual piece to check for tangles, discoloration, or damaged. Try to free up any tangles in your necklaces and place each one on a flat surface to avoid more tangles. If you find discoloration, try to clean the piece to restore its natural shine.

Repair Damaged Pieces

Jewelry can easily become damaged over the years and without proper care. If you find any damaged pieces, bring them to a jewelry store and ask about repair options. Small problems like scratches or missing pieces can often be easily fixed. If repair is not possible, you can ask the jeweler about custom jewelry design to transform your old pieces into something new.

Decide What Your Collection Needs

Now that you know what jewelry pieces you have and which ones can be repaired, it’s time to go shopping! Going through your collection and getting rid of unwanted pieces will help you figure out what colors, styles, and other design elements are missing from your collection. You can go back to the jewelry store to look for the pieces you want.

Find a Storage Solution

Investing in a good storage solution will help you avoid jewelry tangles and damage in the future. You can stick to a classic jewelry box or fit a drawer with dividers to create spaces for all of your different pieces. If you want your jewelry on display, consider hooks or a pegboard to separate and support your pieces while showing them off.

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