Precious Stones Commonly Found in Jewelry

December 25, 2015

177010278The highlight of any piece of jewelry is the stone set in it. If you have ever been inside a Tucson jewelry store, you know that there are many beautiful stones to choose from including opal, quartz, and diamond. Keep reading for a closer look at these precious stones that are commonly found in jewelry.


One precious stone that comes in a variety of colors and styles is opal. From black opal to matrix opal, this type of gemstone covers just about every shade and color on the spectrum. Crystal opal has a translucent effect that makes it popular in jewelry, while pinfire opal is speckled with bright colors. Boulder opal is a precious opal that is set in its surrounding rock, and fire opal features warm colors like orange and red.


Quartz is a popular type of stone used in the making of jewelry, and it includes the dazzling purple amethyst. Rose quartz has a tinge of pink and is often seen in engagement rings, while citrine is a transparent type of quartz that appears yellow or gold. Rutilated and tourmalinated quartz both feature thin, scratchy lines that make for unique designs and are thus found in jewelry.


Aside from having the highest level of hardness of all the natural elements, diamond is famous for being “a girl’s best friend”. Diamond is typically very close to colorless, though quality diamonds disperse light into its spectral colors for gorgeous aesthetic displays. Engagement rings typically feature some kind of diamond.

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