Resizing Your Engagement Ring

September 6, 2014

Your engagement ring will quickly become your favorite accessory. Since this is a piece of jewelry that you plan to wear every day, it is important to ensure that it fits perfectly. If your ring is too big or too small, do not worry; it is easy to get it fixed. Use this guide to figure out how to resize your engagement ring so you can start to enjoy wearing it.

Bring the Piece to a Jewelry Repair Store

The first step to getting your ring resized is bringing it to a jewelry repair store. The experts can take a look at your finger to determine your actual ring size. Once they have this measurement, they can take the next steps toward resizing your ring.

Consider How Your Finger Size Might Change

Before you let the jewelry store resize the ring, you should first think about how your fingers change with the seasons. Some people notice that their fingers get a little smaller in cold weather and a little bigger in hot weather. If you have this problem, you should talk to the jewelry store staff so they can make any necessary changes to the sizing.

Try Out the Ring Before You Leave the Store

Once the resizing is complete, you should try on the ring and wear it for a few minutes before you leave the jewelry store. This gives you a chance to determine if it really feels comfortable while you can still get it changed easily. Try to take the ring off and put it on again a few times to make sure it is convenient to wear.

Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs can resize any ring of any size to ensure that you get the best fit. We also offer a huge array of jewelry and watch repair services and offer cash for gold. To learn more about our Tucson Mall location, call (520) 696-0403. Call (520) 514-9292 to talk to someone at our Park Place store.

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