Signs that Your Watch May Need Repair

July 29, 2016

ThinkstockPhotos-464360853A watch is a rare and beautiful thing to see nowadays, especially when everyone seems to use their cellphones to tell time. To keep your watch in good running condition, here are some signs to watch out for:

It Keeps Slowing Down or Speeding Up

If your watch is fluctuating more than six seconds per day, you should have a professional service it. Regardless of whether the watch is slowing down or speeding up, there are a few potential problems. Sometimes the hand movements may have been exposed to an electronic device or magnet, causing it to fluctuate. The watch may be old or in need of a servicing appointment at your Tucson jewelry store. Another potential cause for fluctuating time is when parts have become worn down or broken.

There Are Signs of Moisture

Unless your watch is rated for water use, it should never come into contact with moisture. If you notice even a bead of condensation, or a foggy appearance inside the case, then contact your Tucson jewelry store right away. Any amount of water near the watch components can cause costly repairs, so try your hardest to keep your watch away from all forms of moisture.

A Part Feels Loose or Rattles Inside

A watch typically contains over 100 components and moving parts; if even one part becomes loose or broken, it can affect the performance of the entire watch. When you hear a rattling noise within the watch, or you can actually see a part that seems to be loose, then contact your Tucson jewelry store for servicing. They can replace or repair the loose component before it causes further damage.

Fast Fix is Tucson’s locally-owned and operated jewelry store and watch repair shop. We offer all sorts of services for watches, from battery and band replacement to engravings and cleanings. Call one of our two locations here in Tucson. For our East and Central Tucson clients, our Park Place Mall location is available at (520) 514-9292. For our West Tucson and Oro Valley clients, our Tucson Mall location is available at (520) 696-0403.


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