Taking in the Terminology of Timepieces

December 29, 2017

Timepieces, like watches and clocks, have a vast and varied terminology. Apertures, bezels, and crowns are all important parts of watches, and they should be addressed by a professional in watch repair. Here is a better look at other terms of timepieces:

Analog Display

Analog display refers to how the time is shown on the face of a watch or clock. Analog displays use different hands and a dial to show the time.


Many watches come with apertures that display extra information. An aperture is a small opening in the face of the watch that may show the date, moon phase, or times from other locations around the world.


Bezels are an important piece of watches. A bezel is the ring that holds the crystal or glass on top of the watch. It is usually made from gold, platinum, stainless steel, or a gold-plated metal. Bezels are often ridged and accompanied with an insert that shows the numbers around the watch. The bezel will be supported with tiny adjusting screws to keep it and the insert in place.


The crown of a watch is essential for mechanical watches. It is a small button on the outside of the watch case and is required to wind the mainspring of the watch. Crowns are also used to set the time and date. Some crowns may also be used to tighten the watch against water and dust intrusion.

Digital Display

Digital display is different from analog, because it does not use a dial or any hands. The time is displayed using lights set in numerical numbers.


Gaskets are important for water-resistant watches. The gasket is used to seal the back of the casing, the crystal, and the crown against water infiltration. It is vital that gaskets be checked by a professional watch repair specialist. This will ensure the gasket maintains its integrity against water intrusion.

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