The History of the Wedding Ring

February 5, 2014

There are many thoughts on the origin of the wedding ring and it is believed by some to be dated back the ancient Egyptians around 4800 years ago. Others say that cavemen used a rope tied to his woman’s finger so she couldn’t run away and this is where the wedding ring originated, but for the sake of argument, we will look at its roots based out of Egypt.

Reeds and grasses were braided and shaped for fingers and well as to use for other decorative purposes. Its circle shape symbolized the eternity of marriage and the center being akin to a door or passageway into the future. Wearing a wedding ring meant that the bearers were giving to the other a never-ending, immortal love.

As these early wedding ring materials did not last forever, stronger rings were made out of bone, leather and some forged metals. Of course, the more expensive the material meant the giver was showing more love, as well as his worth.

Interestingly, Rome used wedding rings as a symbol of ownership, not love. Women were claimed by ring giving. Later, they became the symbol of permanence and strength.

Around the year 860, Christians began using grand, highly decorated rings in wedding ceremonies. Engraving of linked hands or doves were common for both men and women. However, the Church proclaimed this brandishment to be heathenish and simpler, plain bands were then used.

Another aspect of the wedding ring is credited to the Romans. These rings are said to be worn on the ring finger of the left hand because of a vein thought to be the ‘vein of love’, which is connected directly to the heart. Though not actually true, the tradition is practiced still.

There are extravagant wedding and engagements rings being exchanged today and throughout the years with some, such as Elizabeth Taylor’s ring given to her by Richard Burton. It was an enormous 33.19 carat diamond worth almost $9 million. Amazing how the importance of love and marriage is equated by the value of the ring given.

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