The Importance of Wearing Medical Alert Jewelry

April 21, 2017

Medical alert jewelry is necessary for many people who have certain medical condition or known allergies. As you look at the options for medical alert jewelry, it is important to customize your jewelry to match your preferences and your personal instructions. Let’s take a look at why wearing customized medical alert jewelry is so important.

It leads to faster medical treatment.

It is crucial to receive medical treatment as quickly as possible after suffering a medical emergency. If you have just had a seizure or allergic reaction, then medical professionals need as much time as they can to treat you. Paramedics or doctors can reduce their diagnosis time and treat you quickly when they have access to your medical jewelry. For example, an allergic reaction can be treated with an epinephrine shot right away and potentially save your life if EMTs are aware of your allergies.

It reduces treatment errors.

If you suffer a medical emergency, then emergency responders and medical professionals must diagnose your symptoms and determine a course of treatment. However, even these highly-trained individuals can make mistakes, and they may make errors based on an incorrect diagnosis. If you have medical alert jewelry that states your exact condition and ways of treatment, then medical professionals can treat you with full knowledge of your symptoms and condition. This will significantly reduce errors in your treatment and can lead to a quicker recovery.

It acts as your medical voice.

Some medical conditions and emergencies may result in a temporary inability to speak. Your medical alert jewelry can act as your treatment voice to emergency responders and medical personnel. This is crucial to your continued health and wellbeing, because it allows your wishes to be followed even when you cannot speak.

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