The Meaning of Different Gemstones

November 18, 2016

There are several different gemstones and all are believed to carry their own meanings. Let’s take a look at a few popular gemstones and their historical meanings.

Sapphire, the Loyal

The word “sapphire” comes from the Greek meaning for blue. Throughout history, blue has been a color associated with purity, loyalty, and honesty. Though sapphires come in many different colors, they are commonly found in a rich blue tone. This hue makes it an ideal engagement ring stone to represent loyalty to one’s partner.

Turquoise, the Luck Bringer

Turquoise gemstones have adorned Egyptian Pharaohs and Native Americans for thousands of years, making it a popular status symbol. Due to its popularity among the royals, it was believed to bring good luck and wealth.

Topaz, the Healer

Topaz stones come in a range of colors, from colorless to blue and brown. Throughout history, the most prevalent topaz color was found in a golden hue. This warm yellow tone made it an ideal companion to the Egyptian and Roman sun gods, who were also known as great healers and protectors. Due to this association, the topaz gemstone soon became known as a healing stone.

Opal, the Queen

Opals have been known throughout history as a mysterious gemstone due to the many colors they represents. Often called the Queen of Gems, because it carries many different colors, the opal has been associated with the supernatural in many cultures. There are many superstitions surrounding the opal gemstone, but it is still considered one of the most beautiful stones to wear.

Garnet, the Protector

Due to garnet’s vibrant and dark red color, it was believed that garnets would light up the dark to protect wearers from nightmares. Garnets were also believed to protect wearers from accidents as they traveled.

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