Tips for Determining Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size

May 20, 2014

When the time comes to pop the question, you should be prepared with a ring that perfectly reflects your loved one’s personality. Not only do you want to find a style that she loves, but you should also do what you can to buy something that is her size. Keep reading for some tips on how to figure out what size ring to buy.

Use One of Her Other Rings as a Reference

If you have access to your girlfriend’s jewelry box, you can easily find out what size she wears to help you narrow your selection when you start to shop. Bring in a ring that she currently wears so the jeweler has a clear idea of the size that you need. This helps you get your ring purchase right the first time you try it.

Ask for Advice

When it comes to engagement rings, her friends and family are an invaluable resource. As stealthily as possible, ask around her inner circle to see if anyone already knows what size ring she wears. If she wants to get married, she has most likely discussed engagement rings with her closest friends and family members.

Talk to Her About It

If you do not care about the element of surprise when buying your ring, you can just ask your girlfriend what size ring she wears. You might even want to take her with you to the jewelry store so she can choose a ring that she really loves. This way, you know that you are buying a ring that she will actually want to wear.

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