Troubleshooting Common Watch Repair Problems

May 27, 2016

464973517Whether you own a watch given to you as an heirloom or simply rely on a wrist-worn timepiece to keep you on schedule, the function of your watch is important. When your watch breaks or malfunctions, taking it to a jewelry shop that specializes in watch repair is the best way to quickly restore your timepiece. At Fast Fix Tucson, we can repair your watch while you shop in Tucson, offering you a more convenient way to schedule watch repairs and refurbishment. Below you’ll get a look at some of the most common watch repairs we perform in our store.

A Skipping Second Hand

Most watch batteries are designed to last two or more years under normal use, although some added functions, such as chronographs or stopwatches, can limit the lifetime of your watch batteries. If you glance at your watch to see the second hand skipping forward or acting erratically, your watch is signaling that it is in need of a battery change. Many watches contain this indicator to alert their owners to a battery that is reaching the end of its life, allowing you to schedule battery replacement before your watch stops completely for added convenience.

An Immobile Second Hand

A second hand that skips back and forth by only one second and never advances further is often a sign that your watch is experiencing a mechanical problem affecting the function of the watch. Because the second hand is moving, your watch is receiving electronic power, but a mechanical issue inside the watch is likely keeping the device from running properly. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to bring your watch to your local jewelry store for an inspection, cleaning, and repairs.

Fast Fix Tucson is pleased to offer professional watch repair, cleaning, and engraving at our two convenient locations in the Tucson Mall and the Park Place Mall. You can reach our jewelry stores by calling our Tucson Mall location at (520) 696-0403 or the Park Place Mall store at (520) 514-9292; we also invite you to visit us online for a full listing of our services.


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