Understanding Button Cell Batteries

October 27, 2017

When you bring your watch to the jewelry store for repair, your technician may need to replace the battery. Many smart watches and other electronic devices are equipped with button cell batteries, which allow them to keep their charges for many hours. By understanding how button cell batteries work, you will gain better insight into how your watch functions. Here is a look at the basics of understanding button cell batteries.

Size and Shape

Button cell batteries get their name from their distinctive proportions. The button cell battery that is found in your watch or other device will typically be no larger than a standard clothing button. The diminutive size and shape of this type of battery allows it to fit in small, portable electronics. While button cell batteries may be small, it is important to not underestimate their fantastic power.

Available Chemistries

The chemistry in a battery has a big impact on its lifespan, charge, and overall function. Button cell batteries can come with three available chemistries. Depending on the needs of the device, the battery may have silver oxide, alkaline, or lithium chemistry. If a device needs very stable power, alkaline chemistry may be used. Silver oxide and lithium offer many recharges and great longevity.

Typical Voltage

The voltage of your device’s button cell battery will depend on its energy requirements. A larger device may require a lithium battery that puts out up to 3 volts of power. Smaller units, such as watches, often require less powerful silver oxide batteries that deliver 1.5 volts of power. When you purchase a new battery for your watch, make sure that it is the right size and voltage. Your watch technician can help you to find the right battery to power your watch.

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