Watch Repair Services at Fast Fix Tucson

July 30, 2015

fastfix-watch2Watches are both fashionable accessories and functional timepieces that you rely on every day. Whether your watch has suffered a broken band or isn’t keeping time properly, FAST-FIX Jewelry & Watch Repairs offers a full range of services for all types of watches, including wristwatches and pocket watches. Keep reading to learn more about our comprehensive watch and jewelry repair services in Tucson.

Battery and Crystal Replacement

Watch batteries, though long-lasting, will wear out over time. If your watch appears to be keeping time unevenly or simply has stopped working, FAST-FIX Jewelry & Watch Repairs can replace the battery quickly to restore this essential timekeeping function. Our jewelers can also replace glass, plastic, and synthetic sapphire watch crystals on wristwatches and pocket watches to improve your timepiece’s aesthetics and provide a clear view of the watch face.

Stem, Crown, and Band Repair

Watch stems and crowns can become easily damaged or stripped over time, preventing you from winding your watch or setting the time accurately. The jewelers at FAST-FIX Jewelry & Watch Repairs offer replacement of broken or stripped stems and crowns to restore your watch’s functionality. We can also address damaged bands and chains to ensure your watch remains secure, or simply help you find the best watch strap to suit your personal style and needs.


Watch engraving turns your timepiece into a personalized memento or work of art. FAST-FIX Jewelry & Watch Repairs’ jewelers specialize in watch engraving to help you create the perfect gift for all of life’s special occasions, whether you want to add a date, a set of initials, or an entire message to a wristwatch or pocket watch.

FAST-FIX Jewelry & Watch Repairs has two convenient locations in the Tucson Mall and the Park Place Mall. You can reach us by phone at (520) 696-0403 or (520) 514-9292 to discuss watch repairs, jewelry repairs, or gold sales at our Tucson jewelry stores. We also invite you to click through our blog to learn more about maintaining your watches and jewelry to protect these beautiful accessories.


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