What Does Your Watch Say About You?

February 24, 2014

Even the most well-dressed man’s clothing items are usually easily forgettable. Clothes are temporary. They don’t make a long-lasting statement about the man, his tastes or his personality. The one fashion item that makes that kind of an impression is a good watch. Most men generally invest in a quality timepiece and hold onto it for many years to come. Thus, he wants to choose one that reflects who he is and shows the world his personality. Let’s explore what your watch brand may be saying about you.


The G-Shock line is the cream of the Casio crop. It was made to last- forever. This is the watch that was dropped out of a bathroom window to test its durability back in the early 1980′s when it was being developed. The Casio G-Shock camp usually comes in two forms. There’s those who buy the watch for its long-lasting durability. These guys invest in practicality. They know utilitarian quality. Then there are the dudes who buy a G-Force for its cult fashion statement. They choose the biggest and the baddest. They’re showy and are all about bold fashion trends.


Timex is an American standard. While most of its components are no longer made in the USA, it still stands for American made quality. While a Timex is not flashy, it is respected. This classic watch is worn by the man who wants to show he knows quality when he sees it and can be counted on to be dependable.


The king of watches is the Rolex. It’s a brand known for its price tag. That price tag exists for a reason. Many men who choose Rolex know they have chosen a brand that epitomizes quality. They want a watch reflects their own certain brand of excellence in character. Others choose Rolex as a flashy statement piece, picking a model that sparkles and shoving it in everyone’s face. This man is nothing more than a show-off, not nearly the reflection of class he hopes to be.

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