Why You Should Trust a Professional with Your Watch’s Batteries

May 12, 2017

Watches and watch batteries are tiny, intricate, and fragile. They should only be handled by trained professionals, because professionals have the tools and knowledge to ensure your watch is not damaged and your warranty remains intact. Continue reading to learn why professionals should always change your watch’s batteries.

Watches Are Fragile

There are several components that make up a watch, and each of these parts should be handled carefully and with great attention. If you do not understand the components of your watch, then you may end up scratching these fragile parts or breaking them. For example, prying the back of your watch case could result in scratches or disfigurements. You may end up breaking your watch and needing extensive watch repairs when a professional could have easily replaced the battery. A professional will have the necessary tools and training to handle your fragile watch and all its parts.

Batteries Are Delicate

Watch batteries come in several different sizes and types, and they all require skilled handling. Just as you can damage your watch and its crystal face, you can also damage your new batteries when trying to install them into the watch. A professional will know the correct type of battery for your specific watch, and he will have the appropriate tools to change it.

Warranties May Void

In addition to avoiding damages to your watch and battery, it is important to be mindful of your watch’s manufacturer’s guarantee. This special type of warranty can replace your watch or various parts on it as they become worn or broken. However, many warranties will be voided if the manufacturer can prove that you caused the damage by incorrectly changing the battery. A professional in watch repair will know the correct battery and changing techniques to ensure your watch and your warranty are intact.

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