Your Guide to Birthstones

March 25, 2016

ThinkstockPhotos-95746590When you are shopping for a piece of jewelry for a special person in your life, you may want to look into his or her birthstone. Birthstones have been assigned to each month of the year, and every birthstone carries its own special meaning. A jewelry store in Tucson can help you design a custom piece of jewelry that features the birthstone of your loved one. Birthstone jewelry is a fantastic way to show that you care. Read on for an essential guide to what you need to know about birthstones.

The Origins of Birthstones

Birthstones can trace their origins to ancient times, when armor and other fine items were adorned with special gemstones. For example, the breastplate of Aaron has been shown to features 12 gems that were representative of the 12 tribes of Israel. Over the years, these 12 gems have been assigned to every month of the year.

Myths Surrounding Birthstones

There are many popular myths and legends about the powers and healing abilities of each birthstone. Some people believe that each month’s birthstone has the power to help or heal a person who was born under its influence. When a person wears a birthstone during its most powerful months, its restorative properties are believed to be heightened.

Finding Your Birthstone

Whether you are researching your own birthstone, or discovering the birthstone of a loved one, you can easily determine your birthstone by consulting a chart. For example, some of the most cherished birthstones include April’s diamond, May’s emerald, and June’s pearl. Some rare birthstones include tanzanite in December and peridot in August.

At Fast Fix Tucson, the team at our jewelry store will be pleased to answer all of your questions about birthstones. From rings and bracelets to necklaces and more, we can help you craft the perfect piece for your loved one. Call us at (520) 696-0403 to learn more about the fantastic services that we have to offer you.

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